"Montreal (by way of Bushwick) adrenaline-fueled trio Psychocide plays with a ferocity that’s pure ID. Their latest album, “Alcohol and Bad Decisions,” opens with the kind of rollicking fury that would make AC/DC or Guns N Roses happy. Goldwyn Thandrayen’s guitar licks trace a barrage of lyrics that get delivered with rapid fire. ”

Huffington Post

“Montreal Rockers, Psychocide, are the dose of extremely high-energy Rock & Roll that you need in your life. Riding the high from the release of their debut album, ‘Alcohol & Bad Decisions’, the young and promising band has just begun their journey onto the other side”

Tattoo Magazine

“Psychocide is the rock and roll band that will take you back to the early days of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus. Their rock-on attitude in Alcohol + Bad Decisions will leave you wanting to jam out all night.”

The Concordian

“Psychocide’s debut album Alcohol and Bad Decisions plays like an encyclopaedia of pop-rock from the last three decades.”

 Bucketlist Music Reviews

“Spontaneity and quirkiness run rampant throughout this record, and if you think after listening that you understand Montreal band Psychocide, you’re probably wrong.“  


“Montreal-based Psychocide is a band with an eccentric, “screw loose” fun factor that keeps things interesting. Case in point: the “vocal flutter” that singer Goldwyn employs on “Crazy Janet”; it is altogether unique and well matched to his guitarist’s speedy, accurate solo.”

Music Connection


Vocals, Guitar / Goldwyn Thandrayen

Guitar / Marc André Glen
Drums / Wilson Li
Bass / Geoff McFarlane